Beginning to buzz

Busy as A B started around Easter 1997, when as a final year student I was given the audacious task of creating my own personal brand. Something that’s much more common practice today, as everyone talks about and (hopefully) understands the power of personal branding.

Back then I needed something to make me memorable in the sea of job applications. I needed to get a foot in the door of agencies and that’s where Busy as A B came from.

Without a doubt one of the hardest projects that I’ve ever worked on, and something that I have revisited a number of times over the years, making the odd tweak and refinement along the way.

I’m happy with the outcome, as a designer there’s always some new technique or piece of tech that you think might just give it the edge, but the fact it’s understood by people and demonstrates exactly what we do for other businesses gives me the confidence that it’s pretty strong.

Over 20 years has passed and a lot has happened, most of good, all of it learning and expanding my repertoire.

Always evolving

To mark my 20th year in the business of the buzz I wanted to share some projects and give an insight into the personal development and ambitions that come from being able to earn a crust doing something you love…and I still love what I do. Sure there are trials and tribulations, but that’s life, I feel humbled to work with some amazing individuals and businesses, delivering branding and communications that connect with people.

So here’s where it all began, the first sketches and branding of my portfolio (yes I’m that old, we had hard copy portfolios and they were HEAVY, you spent all your time worrying about whether the spray mount would come apart, praying that as you opened each page that the layout hadn’t slipped or moved overnight). Today we have the same issues, but it’s more about pixel widths on various devices).

As you can see, my brand has developed over the years, the colours remain very much the same.

Over the next few months I’m going to share some career defining moments…projects that I’m proud to have delivered, projects where I’ve learnt a lot about a particular sector or business. Some of my posts will be more nerdy than others, I still get excited by fonts, paper, print techniques, infographics and a whole host of other stuff, much of which I’m going to share.

Just before I sign off, I’d like the say a BIG thank you to everyone who I’ve worked with over the years, both colleagues and clients, I’ve learnt loads of things along the way and been lucky enough to work with some great people. Thank you all for your time, energy and input, it really is appreciated and has helped shape me and what I am today.