The hive mind

Success looks different for every type of business.

Whether it’s “maintaining your market share”, “shaking-up the environment your products live in”, or “the opportunity to change perception and enter new markets”.

The approach is simple… the bee team is led by me, Andy Boothman. I work closely with our clients to co-create marketing, advertising and design solutions, that deliver effective and measurable bottom-line results.

Whatever your area of business, there are many points of view, often conflicting one another. When trying to understand todays consuming culture I believe that businesses and consumers have relationship issues that need to be addressed.

By understanding your customers, realising they are real people with real lives, you can engage with them.

In order to do this, the business must first be believable and trusted, in the same way you would trust a close friend. Should the business not be willing to invest in effective creative solutions, built on solid insight, it won’t be believable. In the same way that when you meet someone new for the first time, you quickly form opinions about that person, a brand or business is no different.

I think big, and together with my team we have a wealth of big-brand experience that we apply across all the work, from the smallest start-up in it’s absolute infancy, through the first steps to establishing a brand and onto standing tall and engaging with the competition. Throughout this process I endeavour to pass on as much of my and the rest of the teams big-brand learning and understanding as possible.

When people share, things happen and everyone makes progress.

Genuine collaboration means discussing all of your objectives…



Wider ambitions

The bigger picture

From this comes a personal understanding and commercial results.

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