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Watering down a brand

Watering down a brand is not something that you’d usually hear anyone advocate…however there’s always exceptions. And here’s one that certainly benefited…

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The human touch

The biggest challenge every business faces has to be humanising what it is that they produce. Whether what you do is technically…

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Interior FM

Ok, as you’ll have gathered if you’ve read any of my posts I’m passionate about design in all its forms and functions.…

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Red Routes

The Red Routes initiative was first trialed in Lancashire, where the local constabulary created a series of warning signs on dangerous roads…

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I have spent a lot of time working with food retail businesses, in particular local, high quality producers and retailers. Our projects…

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Cheshire Cheese

I really enjoyed working with the Milk Marketing Board to re-establish this brand. Cheshire cheese is often overlooked in favour of Lancashire,…

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Holker Hall

The current Lord and Lady Cavendish have established Holker Hall as a regional tourist destination, a place where people can explore acres…

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Cumbrian Fellbred

Cumbrian Fellbred is all about supporting locally produced meat products and the farmers who care for these animals. The unique environment of…

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Developing the Kellogg’s cereal bars concept remains one of the proudest moments of my professional design career. It was one of my…

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